Van found on beach, but mom, boy gone

March 15, 2010 

BOSTON HARBOR - A woman and her 8-year old son were missing after the van she was driving was found on the beach at Little Fishtrap, near Boston Harbor, on Sunday morning.

Shantina M. Smiley, 29, of Silverdale, and her son, Azriel J. Carver, were on their way Saturday evening to meet with her stepfather in Castle Rock, Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Chris Mealy said.

The next morning, Jim Pribbenow found the gold 2005 Dodge Caravan on private beachfront property around 10:30 a.m.

“The back hatch and the side door was open,” Pribbenow said. “The front end had gone in the mud and you could see where the wheels had spun in trying to back out.” Smiley’s wallet was inside but her purse was missing, and there was no indication of where she and Azriel went, Mealy said. The interior of the van was wet, he said.

“We don’t know if she was, unfortunately, a victim of a crime, or someone gave them a bus ticket and they haven’t seen the news yet,” Mealy said.

On Sunday, police boats were on the water and searchers walked up and down the beach searching for the pair, Mealy said, and the neighborhood on Zangle Road Northeast was canvassed for any sign of the two.

Searchers also planned to talk to residents across Dana Passage on Harstine Island, in case someone noted when the van arrived on the beach, he said.

Smiley made several phone calls to her fiancé Saturday night, Mealy said.

Investigators were looking at phone records to establish where the calls originated because she left her cell phone at home, he said.

One call was around 7:30 p.m. to her fiancé to say she was off the freeway in Olympia, Mealy said.

Smiley is described as white, 5 feet 9 inches tall and 140 pounds, with short brown hair.

Azriel is described as 4 feet 2, 100 pounds, with brown eyes and a blond Mohawk haircut, Mealy said.

Mealy said anyone with information on Smiley and her son should call Thurston County Crime Stoppers at 360-493-2222, the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office at 360-786-5500, or 911.

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