Guys better be paying close attention to the calendar today

February 13, 2011 

Note to guys: The most dangerous day of the year is sneaking up on you. In fact, it's hiding just around the weekend, poised for an unfortunate ambush unless you take precautions right now.

It’s called Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day, many women have thoughts of their partner preparing candlelight dinners, bottles of wine, soft music and strolling under a full moon. You may think this only occurs in books with Fabio painted on the cover, but some women dream of such things happening to them within their lifetime.

While it’s important to know if your partner is having such romantic fantasies, it’s even more important to know that it is, in fact, Valentine’s Day. This last part is actually easy because it falls on the same day every single year. How convenient is that?

Just ask yourself, is today Feb. 13? If the answer is “yes,” then Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and you should be planning a frantic, last-minute shopping frenzy.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “No problemo. I make a quick trip to the hardware store to grab one of those pie plates I broke two weeks ago, and I’m good.”


Or, maybe you’re thinking about a trip to the drug store for a monster two-layer box of chocolates, which they’re selling at the Christmas overstock price of 50 percent off. Makes everybody happy.


Of course, you’re a guy, so let’s get back to basics. You must start with an even more critical piece of information: You must recognize that you are actually in a relationship.

Let’s say a guy named Bill is out hiking with his buddies. They just finish wiping their hands on their T-shirts when one of them starts talking about his upcoming wedding anniversary. He turns to Bill and says, “Hey, Bill, how long have you and Jane been together?”

The question makes Bill think for a moment. He finally looks over at his friend and says: “Whadda ya mean, together?”

Because at that moment, it will not have occurred to Bill that although he and Jane have been living together for the past eight years, they could quite possibly be into a serious relationship. This will appear to overwhelm him, and cause him to remark: “Geez, you’re right. I should get her a Valentine’s card or something.”

And he will truly mean it and fully intend to get her one. Now all he has to do is remember that Valentine’s Day is Monday, Feb. 14.


Someone who should know something about Valentine’s Day is Olympia native Charlie Frank, who appeared on an Oprah Show Thursday reuniting the 10 husbands of long-time soap star Susan Lucci. Frank played Dr. Jeff Martin, Lucci’s first husband, from 1970 to 1974, and later in 1988 and 1995. Frank said the Oprah Show called him “out of the blue” to tape the surprise reunion on Feb. 4. Frank’s reallife wife, Susan Blanchard, was in the audience. The two auditioned for “All My Children” together and Susan played the character of nurse Mary Kennicott Martin. They married three years later in 1977. ... Olympia Mountaineer Steve Giesecke finally made it home from Antarctica via Chile early this week after reaching the summit of Mount Vinson, the final goal in his quest to climb the tallest peak on each of the seven major continents. The Olympia branch of The Mountaineers is planning a celebration of the accomplishment. ... The City of Olympia still has a number of plots available in the new community garden at Yauger Park. The cost is $25 per year. You can apply for one on the city’s website or at The Olympia Center.

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