Outlook for South Sound fisheries

March 2, 2011 

Here is a look at some other fisheries of interest to South Sound residents.

Green River: Forecast is for 15,300 hatchery and 3,290 wild fish. The coho forecast is down to 41,800 fish, compared to almost 67,000 fish this year.

Hood Canal: The forecast of wild and hatchery coho is more than 149,000 fish, up from the forecast of 84,300 fish in 2010. The fall chum forecast is for a return of 352,000 fish. The forecast for hatchery chinook returning to Hoodsport is 10,300 fish, down from 12,800 last year. The Skokomish River return is expected to be almost 28,000 fish, while last year’s forecast was for 29,800 fish.

Nisqually River chinook: The hatchery chinook forecast is 32,700 fish, up from last year’s forecast of 18,900 fish.

Puyallup River chinook: Forecast calls for 7,400 hatchery and 2,700 wild fish.

South Sound hatchery chinook: The Deschutes River is expected to see a return of 19,500 fish, while Carr Inlet is forecast for a run of 13,700 fish. Chambers Creek is forecast for a run of 6,100 hatchery fish.

South Sound chum: The forecast calls for a run of almost 430,000 wild chum. Counts of individual waters such as the Nisqually River and Kennedy Creek were not available.

Full run forecasts: Can be found at wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/northfalcon

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