App can help you get around

March 6, 2011 

Here's an app that helps you find a post-flight ride on the ground by taxi, shuttle, train, rental car or even helicopter.

Name: Airport Transit Guide, by Salk International

Available for: iPhone and iPad. Blackberry and Android versions are planned later this year.

What it does: Provides up-to-date ground-transport information for 460 airports around the world. This app replaces the well-respected print edition in publication since 1982.

Cost: $9.99; free “Lite” version with two sample cities (Denver and Hong Kong)

What’s hot: You’ll find links to websites and two-click access to phone numbers. Guidance on route, cost and timing is thorough.

What’s not: There are no bells and whistles and little interactivity.

Worth it: It’s a steep price for an app. But if you are a frequent flier or business traveler, or taking a multi-stop journey around the world, it’s indispensable.

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