Book offers pruning tips; kit upgrades your string trimmer

April 6, 2011 

Even seasoned gardeners can find themselves puzzled about pruning. "The Pruning Answer Book" (Storey Publishing, $14.95) helps clear up the confusion.

The pocket-size book, by the late Lewis Hill and Penelope O’Sullivan, covers the basics such as what to prune when, what equipment to use, how to make the cuts and why pruning is beneficial. A plant-by-plant pruning guide in the back of the book lets you find quick guidance on a particular tree, shrub or other plant.

 • A new retrofit kit lets you replace your string trimmer’s monofilament line with a four-line blade-cutting system.

The line blades in the Aero-Flex Universal Kit are made of co-polymers and are touted as lasting 50 times longer than traditional nylon monofilament line. The company says they’re tough enough to cut through heavy weeds and vines that strings can’t, but flexible enough that they can glance off hard surfaces without breaking.

The Aero-Flex Universal kit sells for $29.97 or it can be ordered for $29.95 plus shipping at

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