Six arrested in suspected ID theft ring

Olympia: Forgery gear found in room

May 19, 2011 

The Olympian


OLYMPIA – Thurston County Sheriff’s deputies arrested six people Wednesday on suspicion of operating an identity theft ring out of a room at The Olympian Inn downtown.

The arrested include, Scott Lee Blevins, 30 of Lacey; Teayona Dudley, 23 of Auburn; Kayla Miller, 19, of Olympia; Daniel Andrews; Christopher Melton; and James Clements. The ages and hometowns of Andrews, Melton and Clements were unavailable Wednesday.

According to court papers:

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the case after a man, later identified as Clements, tried to cash a forged $478 check at the Red Wind Casino.

Clements was insistent that he did not know the check was forged and was sobbing to Nisqually police that he did not want to go to jail. Clements later said he would cooperate with police.

Clements told police he went to the casino with two companions, and they were staying at a room at The Olympia Inn. Deputies went to the room and located the five other suspects, who were arrested.

Deputies found equipment in the room for forging checks, bank account information, as well as stolen driver’s licenses and passports. Deputies also seized drug paraphernalia consistent with the use of methamphetamine.

The entire group was arrested on suspicion of 21 counts of identity theft, nine counts of forgery, possession of instruments of financial fraud.

Through subsequent investigation, Melton and Andrews were additionally arrested on suspicion of first-degree burglary.

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