Some states make it harder to vote

June 18, 2012 

Despite no significant voter fraud, the American Legislative Exchange Council provided statutes that were passed by many state Republican governors and legislatures that take away the constitutional rights of citizens to vote.

It is for the sole purpose of trying to defeat President Barack Obama. They realize the margin he won by in 2008 was very small in several states.

The Brennan Center for Justice states:

“State governments across the country enacted an array of new laws that could make it significantly harder for as many as 5 million eligible Americans to vote.

“Some states require voters to show government-issued photo identification, often of a type that as many as 1/10 voters do not have.

“Other states cut back on early voting, a hugely popular innovation used by millions of Americans. Still others made it much more difficult for citizens to register to vote, a prerequisite for voting.

“These new restrictions fall most heavily on young, minority, elderly, and low-income voters, as well as on voters with disabilities. This wave of changes may sharply tilt the political terrain for the 2012 election and beyond.”

This is an egregious, unjust and immoral action by Republicans, an action that is tantamount to sin against any religion that touts justice. All Republicans should be ashamed of this malfeasance by their fellow Republicans. How repugnant will the GOP get in taking away our freedom and democracy in their efforts to give it to the rich? Vote Democratic for freedom and democracy.

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