How children learn to harm themselves

July 28, 2012 

A recent article reported how children as young as 7 are now cutting themselves. Yes, 7-year-olds are now intentionally “cutting, burning, or poking their skin with sharp objects.”

I think they are simply copying adult behavior. Let me review some recent examples.

Do you remember how the Bush-Cheney job creators left the children’s parents homeless or unemployed? Three years later, many refugees from that moment now want to vote for more of the same from Romney. Why would they inflict economic suicide on themselves?

The article explains how children harness the physical pain to help cope with emotional stress.

The GOP wants to help you the same way as they step in to harvest your fear and pain. They prod the ache by ranting about the so-called gold-plated pensions of retired union workers, redirecting your attention from the golden parachutes and bonuses handed to Wall Street gamblers who daily risk your savings on get-rich-quick derivatives.

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Washington’s Rob McKenna and Mitt Romney enthusiastically offer to take out their big blades to cut your wages, hours, benefits, pensions and health care. They never mention the debt when transferring unlimited federal dollars to their pals in the industrial-military-health care complex. Rather, they insist that our salvation lies in leaving no millionaire behind.

Will Americans wake up in time before they make the last deadly cut and vote for Romney and his radical friends in 2012?

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