So many secrets in the Romney campaign

OlympiaAugust 7, 2012 

Whenever he’s asked what his recovery plan is for our country, Mitt Romney changes the subject by launching into a full-throated tirade against President Barack Obama for not yet having fully repaired the economy.

Anyone who believes the global economic collapse of 2008 could have been remedied in 31/2 years doesn’t understand the size of the mess the George W. Bush administration created.

I guess Romney is hoping his virulent attacks on the president will conceal the fact that he has no recovery plan of his own. That seems to be a secret.

His tax returns are a secret, how much money he has hidden in the Cayman Islands to evade taxes is a secret and the identities of his big campaign donors are a secret. We do know that, as a hedge fund manipulator, Romney made hundreds of millions of dollars for himself and his investors, often at the expense of his own client companies and their employees.

As president, I wonder what kind of return he anticipates for himself and the billionaires who are investing in his campaign. We do know he’s promised the Koch brothers he will approve the Keystone pipeline on “day one” so the Koch’s can pipe Canadian tar sands oil to Texas ports and sell on the world market.

I don’t know what he’s promised his other big campaign investors. I guess that’s probably a secret, but you can bet they expect a good return.

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