Education funding woes blamed on Kathy Haigh

BelfairSeptember 19, 2012 

On Kitsap Sun’s Editorial Review video of the candidates, Rep. Kathy Haigh of the 35th Legislative District (Mason, Kitsap, Thurston counties) claimed the Fund Education First Bill wasn’t brought to her committee and that if it was she would have voted for it. A little fact-checking proves that it was killed in her committee. She lied to the people.

Education costs more and more every year with less and less results to show for it. During Haigh’s time as a chair and member of Education and Education Appropriation and Oversight, education has suffered through unfunded mandates, lack of funding, and lack of success.

Dan Griffey fully supported ending unfunded mandates that hurt our schools. He supported Fund Education First, stating that it’s the Legislature’s job to fully fund education and that education gets the first dollar, not the last dollar.

Haigh said she wouldn’t cut from education, and then did exactly that.

It’s not about Republican vs. Democrat with Griffey. It’s about solutions. It’s time we fund education first. It’s time to put schools before party interest. It’s time to elect honest people.

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