Making the best of a lousy deal at Capital

OlympiaSeptember 21, 2012 

Your headline, “Pleas, but coach loses,” missed the entire point of the comments provided by the public. Doug Galloway is the only one who didn’t lose.

He was tested and proved himself equal to the challenge. He responded quickly and responsibly. He did everything right and with integrity. As a result, he found out how much his players, the parents, and the community value him. He will land in a new job and the school that hires him will be lucky to have him.

The School Board lost the respect of many citizens for what appeared to be a rubber stamp of the district administration. They humored the public but didn’t really listen. The administration lost the support of its constituents. The parents and players lost a coach that they valued.

That said, we need to now put this behind us and move forward to help all concerned heal. Galloway would never want the players to continue in limbo as to their season. The victims and the perpetrators alike need to begin to heal.

We won’t forget. We won’t stop wishing Galloway was the head basketball coach. But we will go on and make the best of a lousy situation. It won’t be the same, it won’t be easy, but we will persevere because that’s what Capital High School does and it is what Galloway would want.

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