Veterans’ fund letters politically motivated

OlympiaSeptember 21, 2012 

I have read with interest several letters to the editor over the last few months demeaning the leadership of Thurston County regarding how they are choosing to use the Veterans Assistance Fund. Having a long-standing interest in veterans issues, both because of my military service and my current position with the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I have taken the opportunity to meet with the leadership of Thurston County Human Services.

I am now convinced that these letters from veterans’ advocates are perhaps politically motivated instead of an earnest desire to ensure that our veterans and their families are well-served.

In meeting with the county leadership, I found them to be equally concerned as I, open and willing to respond to any questions I had as well as willing to share with me the full story regarding the use of the Veterans Assistance Fund to assist those in need.

Further, they agreed to work with me and other veteran service organizations to ensure that the county Veterans Assistance Fund is as good as it possibly can be. So let me say again, I am skeptical about the intents of the authors of the previous letters. They have inferred something that I have not been able to find.

Maybe instead of writing letters, they should join me in working with the county leadership.

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