Tell us how you will solve our problems

LaceySeptember 24, 2012 

I am a middle-class citizen who loves this country and has many concerns about the future of our great nation. Watching news lately, I am feeling upset when candidate Mitt Romney is constantly criticizing our president in times when so many people around the world hate us for what we stand for and for who we are.

What experience does Romney have in international affairs? None. I am sure that, if elected, he will appreciate being treated with respect, so why does he not respect President Barack Obama?

How we as a nation expect to be recognized as world leaders when we cannot calm down before elections and do our business in professional matter? What kind of message are we spreading? Are we together for better or worse? I don’t think so.

In my opinion, any candidate for president must have courage, vast knowledge and willingness to help all citizens. He must have a good plan to overcome many challenges we are facing right now, he must talk about how to solve them rather then criticize his opponent.

Strong leaders do things with passion, without comparing themself to others. Mr. Romney should talk only about how he will change life for the better and he must be very specific about that.

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