Front-page story really an opinion

OlympiaSeptember 28, 2012 

Today’s front page headline, “Obama responds to Romney on Mideast,” is biased for two reasons.

First, in the past two days there was no corresponding coverage of Romney’s assertions. If there were, and I missed it, it definitely was not the front page lead.

Second, this story belongs in the editorial/opinion section, not the front page lead. I have no problem with you running the story, just your bias causing you to call it “news” and put it as your lead story in the news section.

By putting this as the lead story it demonstrates one of two things: 1) You are in the tank for Obama; or 2) You don’t see a problem with putting pro-Obama opinion as your front page lead.

Either way, your liberal bias is showing, and hurting your credibility.

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