Don’t be discouraged, vote for Rob McKenna

LaceySeptember 28, 2012 

I am hoping people aren’t so discouraged with our economy and lack of jobs and with the politicians that don’t seem to get anything done, that they will still vote on or before Nov. 6.

We have a real chance at a new direction for our state if they do. This fall we will be choosing the next governor for the state of Washington and I am urging my family, friends and neighborhood to vote for Rob McKenna.

He has been serving in public office in our state for more than a decade. He has shown integrity and intelligence in leading whether it was as student body president at the University of Washington, on the King County Council or as attorney general for the past eight years.

At this critical time in our state’s history, with seemingly insurmountable challenges like Washington’s high unemployment rate, a state budget that has recurring billion-dollar deficits, an education system in need of reforms, we need great leaders who have the experience and drive to make decisions in the best interest of our state and our communities. Rob McKenna has been here serving and understands our challenges, and has specific clear solutions for a new direction for our state.

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