Can’t vote for Obama? Just sit this one out

TumwaterSeptember 30, 2012 

Republicans: I don’t claim to understand the way you think. But by now you must have figured out that Mitt Romney is the wrong horse for this race.

Romney’s most frequently cited qualifications for the presidency seem to be that he was a good businessman and made a lot of money. Well, I’ll give you the latter of those.

But, contrary to the oft-repeated saying, “Government should be run like a business,” governing is not like running a business. You can’t export your government offshore to India or China to cut costs, and you can’t sell it off in small parts to maximize shareholder wealth. These seem to be Romney’s leading business strategies.

And, as for his political talents, they seem to be limited to sticking his foot in his mouth and changing his story for each audience he speaks to. OK, I know I’ll never convince you to vote for our president’s re-election. But, how about this: Just sit this one out.

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