Don’t give up on the American Dream yet

OlympiaSeptember 30, 2012 

In these difficult economic times for many Americans, the American dream has passed them by. For all too many Americans the light is burning a lot dimmer.

Where candidates talk of hope, too many Americans have seen despair. For many people struggling, dreams don’t always come true, and many times all they will experience is heartache.

People don’t care about political parties, what they want is somebody who feels their pain and knows what they are going through and has a plan that will get them back to work and alleviate their suffering and make them feel they are somebody.

These people are somebody, they are Americans, they may even be our neighbors, our family member, or ourselves, they represent America.

Yes, these times are tough. Americans have been through much more difficult times before and each time we rose to meet that challenge and we became better Americans for having come through those challenges.

I say to all Americans, these days may be dark but don’t give up on this country yet, we still have fight left in our tired bodies. Remember, as long as the challenges continue, the dreams will never die.

The blame for this countries economic mess lies squarely with the two political parties. Democrats can’t control their spending and want all Americans dependent on government so they create entitlement programs. Republicans want to take some of the money and give the wealthy a tax break when they don’t need one.

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