Try something new by electing Driscoll in 6th

ElmaOctober 5, 2012 

Bill Driscoll is the only candidate in the congressional race who has come out firmly against the Wild Olympics debacle. Even Democrats, like state representative Blake, state senators Sheldon, Hargrove, and Hatfield, oppose this plan because they recognize the harm it will do to our communities.

Additionally, the Grays Harbor County Commission, and the cities of Aberdeen, Cosmopolis and Hoquiam are all firmly against the Wild Olympics.

Derek Kilmer shares the views of most Seattle politicians. He believes that the Wild Olympics legislation is “going in the right direction” and he refuses to oppose it. This almost certainly means he supports it, but isn’t willing to tell the truth and risk offending a voter.

The 6th Congressional District has plenty of wilderness, but it does not have enough jobs. Bill Driscoll opposes any effort to add even one acre of new wilderness until there are more rational harvest levels applied to the district’s national forests. Jobs must come first.

Norm Dicks represented this district for 38 years and now he is trying to anoint his successor.

Unemployment in Grays Harbor is stuck near 13 percent. It’s time to try something new.

Beth DeVaul

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