Don’t reward deceivers; vote against gay marriage

OlympiaOctober 6, 2012 

Regarding R-74, the redefinition of marriage in Washington: Does anyone remember when Washington passed the “everything but marriage” law governing homosexual unions and we were told “everything but marriage” legislation was not intended to, nor would it lead to, a redefinition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman?

Do you remember rationalizing that “everything but marriage” would be OK as this legislation provided equal rights without redefining the traditional and religious definition of marriage?

Didn’t think you remembered. And those now promoting marriage for homosexual unions are counting on our collective short-term attention span. After all, if the “everything but marriage” legislation was inadequate in providing equal rights, why wasn’t that legislation amended to correct any failures rather than assaulting the institution of marriage?

Are you going to reward those who deceived you into believing their ultimate goal was not the redefinition of marriage, or are you going to hold them to their word when the “everything but marraige” legislation was passed?

Time to draw a line in the sand. Time for the frog to say the water just got too hot. Time to reject the redefinition of marriage legislation.

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