Shun useless pop cults, help the old and needy

OlympiaOctober 8, 2012 

Most of us are not privy to first-hand information, but rather deduce, conclude from multiple sources and rely upon our own thinking. Exorbitant election costs wooing the undecided, hoping to re-elect Democrats against monstrous GOP funding, we inadvertently contribute to swilling television corporations, instead of helping the old and needy directly.

This cannot be the ideal democratic process our founders or inspired humanitarians had in mind. That sadistic Manifest Destiny cry, ever more rearing its ugly head, confuses ill-gotten riches (Bain Capital, Romney) with hard-earned ones, quite apart from foreign policies, military bases. Capitalism without regulations spawns shifty investors of/for questionable products, stepping over dead bodies. JAK Films, Lucasfilms’ production of historic documents, from a “city on a hill” to Gitmo, the 19th-century rallying cry of Manifest Destiny, ought to become mandatory viewing.

At the crossroads of industrial changes – upward-plateau – downward spiraling toward more recent innovations (green energy), complicated by ever-larger populations, unpredictable foreign events and utter religious strife globally, we need to consider our Earth first and foremost, stop rewarding useless mass sports, pop cults and get to know where our food comes from and how little of it we ought to eat.

We must question systematic poisoning of agricultural and pharmaceutical products and demand honest disclosures, bipartisan regulations/inspections and stop that myth of “hard-earned billions,” most investments got through unscrupulousness, leaving the sweat and labor to the 99 percent.

Vote Democrat, but in 2016 vote progressive.

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