Would the PUD donate to low-income families?

TumwaterOctober 8, 2012 

Over time, John Pearce, representative for Thurston Public Power Initiative, has focused on two main themes.

One is that locally owned power is better, and that is true.

The other is that PSE is “scared,” or creating fear, as if PSE, the corporate giant, is afraid of losing this small amount of business.

Isn’t using the word “scared” an emotional argument?

The PUD has had a feasibility study done. Who paid for the study or who will pay for the study?

The PUD has selected three areas to provide power, which are parts of Olympia, most of Tumwater or Yelm, but something is still unclear. For example, what if the people of Yelm vote against the initiative fearing higher rates, but the rest of the county votes to approve it? That could lead to a legal challenge. Who would pay all of those legal costs?

There is another question that seems to have been overlooked. PSE donates a lot of money to help low-income families pay their winter heating bills. Is PUD going to do that?

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