Rogers and Barkis for county commissioners

OlympiaOctober 8, 2012 

Karen Rogers is a Democrat. She has worked for the Department of the Ecology. Karen is a person who can be a great steward of the environment without crushing families in the process.

Andrew Barkis is a Republican. He also will protect the beauty of this area as he loves to ride his bike all over this county, enjoying all it’s splendor, yet he also has the ability to protect our environment.

Our current commissioners, Sandra Romero and Cathy Wolfe, have lost all touch with the people, the economy, county revenues and have operated with little transparency and with no sense of the big picture. They have wasted and plundered and handed out special favors, selectively enforced ordinances and permits, persecuted those who dared to speak out against them, while giving a free pass to even a cult leader for donating to their campaign.

We suggest we vote out these commissioners before any more people lose their livelihoods and/or their homes.

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