McKenna is clear choice regardless of your party

OlympiaOctober 8, 2012 

I make up my mind who I vote for by the issues and the quality of the candidate, not by political party, and I have decided to vote for Rob McKenna for governor.

We must consider our vote carefully. It must not be guided by party preferences, but by the truth. The challenges our state faces and the impact those challenges have on our families, our jobs and our quality of life, are way too important to ignore.

Rob McKenna, as attorney general, is a proven leader. He has served Washington brilliantly for years, protecting our state and its citizens.

As our state’s attorney general, he has defended vulnerable homeowners from faulty foreclosure processes and taken measures to correct those processes. He has fought off scams that would have taken advantage of troubled and vulnerable homeowners.

He has specific plans to support small businesses that create jobs, reform our education system and streamline government to make it more efficient.

He has proved himself a leader through his actions and integrity. Rob McKenna is the clear choice, no matter what political party you prefer.

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