Swecker brings a rural voice to the Legislature

OlympiaOctober 9, 2012 

Sen. Dan Swecker, a long-time resident of southwest Thurston County, should be returned as the 20th District state senator. Dan, like his opponent, is a Republican, two of the same party being a result of our state’s top-two primary.

Swecker, while representing the values and interests of his district, is greatly respected by and has full cooperation from the Democrats. As our state’s population continues to grow mostly in the major metropolitan areas, it becomes increasingly important that elected officials from small cities and rural areas such as the 20th are represented by persons whose views are considered and incorporated by the greater number of metropolitan legislators.

Dan has certainly taken fiscally-responsible positions, and has done so in a pragmatic, problem-solving way, avoiding partisan dogma for its own sake, a stance that opens his views to legislators from other places and of other views.

My experience with Swecker primarily concerns transportation. Here again, Dan has given his bipartisan clout, has secured funding for projects of direct value to the 20th district, yet supports prudent state transportation investments that have positive impact for the entire state.

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