McKenna has the facts and a plan on his side

OlympiaOctober 9, 2012 

The gubernatorial debate should have been required viewing for Washingtonians.

It was a classic case of one man (Rob McKenna) who had done his homework and had specific ideas and suggestions versus one (Jay Inslee) who did not.

But why should we expect more from Inslee who has made a career in Washington, D.C.? He is heir to the vagueness that framed Obamacare.

His voting record is party line, not reason, logic or even simply pro-Washington state. He takes credit for Boeing and Microsoft in his ads yet has done nothing to discourage them from opening facilities in North Carolina and elsewhere.

While McKenna has been at the front line of Washington state policy fights working for our residents’ interests. Inslee has been drinking Obama’s wine of “bigger government because government is smarter than the people who voted it in.” His plans to expand government offices to deal with issues is simply throwing good tax money after bad.

His idea to open more jail space to stop gangs in central Washington is like bailing a sinking boat without trying to plug the holes. McKenna’s plan went to the root of the cause.

The generalizations and ambiguity Inslee presented are eerily similar to what we hear from the White House. We will not get out of this mess on good intentions and hope. We need concrete plans based on facts. McKenna had both at his command in the debate.

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