Party less important than county actions

OakvilleOctober 10, 2012 

According to Stew Henderson (chair of Thurston County Democrats), Karen Rogers (Democratic candidate for Thurston County Commissioner) is “in effect, the Republican nominee in this race.” Hence Stew Henderson and the Thurston County Democrats are endorsing incumbents Cathy Wolfe and Sandra Romero.

I must assume that Wolfe’s and Romero’s achievements to date as county commissioners define a true Democrat per Henderson and the TDC members. Here are just a few of Wolfe’s and Romero’s honored accomplishments:

 • Increase taxes and sell a $45 million bond ($67.9 million with interest) to build a jail that stands vacant and costs $430,000 per year in mothballs.

 • Chase businesses, jobs, and revenue out of the county, i.e. Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers.

 • Give away county property assessed at $323,450.

 • Prohibit an individual from selling a piece of her private property to cover medical expenses.

 • Over the objection of 3,000-plus citizens, waste over three years of staff time pursuing an unjustifiable and unenforceable (per sheriff and Fish and Wildlife) no-shooting ordinance that didn’t meet constitutionality or numerous state statutes.

 • Over the objection of tens of thousands of citizens, pursue for nearly a decade a Critical Areas Ordinance that unconstitutionally takes private property via regulation without just compensation. Make substantial changes to the Critical Areas Ordinance and then approve it without further public review. Give zero consideration to any economic impacts in their ordinance review process.

I am endorsing Karen Rogers and Andrew Barkis for the Thurston County Commission regardless of their pedigree.

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