Inslee better equipped to lead us on energy

OlympiaOctober 12, 2012 

The Sunday Olympian (9/29) reported on differences between gubernatorial candidates Inslee and McKenna, the latter finding fault with Inslee’s preference for encouraging clean power sources. “I’m leery of tax policies that pick winners and losers in the economy,” McKenna said – echoing, predictably enough, the national Republican campaign platform for this year: “Unlike the current administration, we will not pick winners and losers in the energy market-place.”

Oh really? This is a strikingly specious argument when one considers the massive subsidies shelled out over the years (and currently) to fossil fuel industries, including fracking and coal, with all their destructive environmental consequences. The Venture Capital firm DBL Investors found in a recent study that the U.S. fossil fuel and nuclear industries have enjoyed more than $630 billion in various forms of government largesse, compared to $50 billion for renewables over a comparable time period. That’s a factor of about 13 to 1.

McKenna reportedly further opined: “Government has a very poor track record at getting those decisions right.”

Here I would have to agree, based on the evidence. The social engineering these massive fossil fuel subsidies have spawned leave us facing irreversible environmental and economic damage if things don’t change, and fast. It’s time for some remediation, and only government can provide it.

Jay Inslee understands this profoundly. He has an unbeatable environmental voting record in Congress, and is uniquely equipped to lead our state in these crucial days.

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