Why is Obama still leading in the polls?

OlympiaOctober 13, 2012 

Our country is falling apart with unemployment higher than it has been in years, people going onto food stamps at a rapid pace, our national debt at an astronomical level, and a whole raft of other problems – to say nothing about Middle East in an uproar with radical Islamism on the rise. I read that people are very concerned about where our economy and our country are going, yet Barack Obama is still supposedly leading in the polls. Why?

According to some it is because he is more “likeable” than his opponent. Given the above, we don’t need someone who is “likeable” as our president. That should be left for movie stars and other celebrities. What we need is someone who has good ideas on how to get us out of this slump. If he is a crusty no-nonsense guy (that is the strongest word I am allowed to use) all the better.

But we definitely need someone who knows how to lead. And not from behind, which I was always taught is where you are if you are a follower, not a leader.

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