Some churches can’t approve homosexuality

OlympiaOctober 25, 2012 

In ever-growing numbers, modern Christian churches are deciding, through blatant statement or mode of action, whether or not the entire Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God. Stances on homosexuality are merely the most visible sign of this deeper struggle. This is a black/white issue: either a church accepts the entire Bible as inspired, resulting in being morally grounded in truth, or they do not, thereby opening themselves up to opinion-based moralism.

Those that water down the truth and pick and choose what to follow from Scripture provide only a stumbling block to the world. As for the high-profile teachers, pastors, and writers that compromise and teach the apostasy that leads many down the path of false teaching, the New Testament is peppered with warnings about their fate.

To those churches grounded in truth the way is clear: we cannot cast our approval over homosexuality.

Disapproval does not equal “hate,” as many rant. When did disagreement transition from a cause for intelligent discourse into today’s belligerent name-calling? Rather, it is a refusal to condone a lifestyle (quite different from ‘hating’ the person) that humans were not designed for.

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