Stop with the robo calls already – send junk mail

RochesterOctober 28, 2012 

We have received our “God knows how many” robo call from “God knows” what politician, or campaign today, and I’ve had it.

Little do these robos know we have already voted by mail, and they are a nuisance that should quit. You can’t call them back to say – “Hey! Stop!” and just how did the robos get our unlisted phone number anyway?

I know there are robo lovers out there that will say – But they create jobs for the ad campaign people, the pollsters, The phone company, and the politician types.

What I say is – stop this nonsense, and bombard me with more junk mail. At least the jobs that creates, I support – the paper mills and loggers, the printers, the truckers that haul the junk, and our postal service – The beloved, overworked postal service. And last but not least, the recyclers of paper, plastic and glass, we love them folks.

And if you send me more junk mail, I’ll just shake my head, and laugh that much louder, as I dump it in the recycle bin at our post office.

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