Mitt Romney would be G.W. Bush on steroids

TumwaterOctober 29, 2012 

Today, in Freeport, Ill., Mitt Romney is firing 170 employees just before Christmas while he’s running for president of the United States. He’s forcing them to train their Chinese replacements. Mitt is doing what he does so well: firing people and outsourcing jobs to China. He is a true vulture capitalist, and not for free enterprise. He lacks real concern or humanity for these people. This company has made good profits the past few years, but not enough for greedy Mitt and Bain Capital; they want more.

Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois stood with these workers in July while urging Congress to pass the “Bring Jobs Home Act.” Romney is lying about wanting to help the middle class. What he is doing to Sensata Technologies is the real Mitt Romney, not someone we want as president.

He lies about his tax cut for the rich as it can only be paid for by cutting middle-class benefits. He would be former President Bush on steroids.

He doesn’t give a rat about 47 percent of the population as they lack personal responsibility. He wants to start a war on Iran. Forget economic equality. He believes in making money – no matter who gets hurts. He’s not anyone I want as president.

Let Republicans know everywhere that they are too corrupt and immoral to be elected to public office.

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