Don’t vote against Dems by voting for the GOP

SheltonOctober 29, 2012 

Some voters are considering voting against Obama by voting for Romney, a candidate they don’t particularly like. True, Obama’s administration has been slow to clear the wreckage left by the Bush administration – but why not vote against those who caused the wreckage in the first place? Namely, the Republicans.

How about punishing the liars who tell you that climate change is not caused by human activities? Our governor candidate who joined national attack-dog Republicans in trying to repeal health care legislation that most Washingtonians support? The political party that started the pointless unfunded war in Iraq that inflated U.S. debt and destabilized the Middle East? The scamsters who have tried to blame the Bush economic crash on Obama?

Almost all of us voters want America to be a great, strong, just and honorable nation.

Don’t vote against Obama by voting for Republicans; this only rewards the me-first-America-last exploiters. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Democrats, then write in “SpongeBob” on your ballot.

If the Republicans lose big-time next month, maybe they’ll return to being a responsible party – and that would be very good for America.

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