Why isn’t national media pursuing Benghazi story?

LaceyNovember 5, 2012 

Where is the media? Why isn’t every media outlet pursuing the truth and details of the Benghazi tragedy with the same intensity that they did during Watergate? Four Americans are dead. We’ve been lied to. The administration has changed its story over and over.

A father wants answers regarding why his now dead son was told to stand down three times when he asked for clearance to render assistance to our consulate. Why were the U.S. forces in the area not on highest alert on 9/11 and therefore prepared to assist? Why did Secretary Leon Penetta say that forces only move when they know what’s going on? We had live video, realtime communications and pleas for help. How much more data do you need?

When this story can no longer be contained, it will be sad for all other media agencies who will have to look themselves and the public in the eye and say that Fox News lead the way for truth in journalism.

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