Mom taught her about a successful marriage

TeninoNovember 5, 2012 

My husband and I married eight years ago. Our married life has been happy, but it certainly hasn’t been easy, especially in the beginning. To stay together and maintain a healthy home for our children, we have each had to make sacrifices, forgive mistakes, and cultivate an abundance of patience and humor.

I learned everything that I know about successful marriage from my mom and her partner of 24 years. That number represents more than two decades of fidelity, affection, respect and compromise. Together, they built a loving home, caring for children, grandchildren, chickens and golden retrievers. Without their example and support, my own marriage likely would not have survived the first year, let alone grown as strong as it is today.

My mother and her partner have earned the right to marry. My husband and I made a commitment that the state calls a marriage simply because we are a man and a woman, but our relationship carries no more legitimacy than theirs. My mom deserves the same privileges and protections that her straight daughter enjoys. She deserves the equal opportunity to wed the person she loves.

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