This election was decided by women

OlympiaNovember 7, 2012 

Whoever won this presidential election did not win because they were the best candidate, they have won because they were the better choice of two poor-quality candidates and voters were forced to pick one.

This election was not decided by the economy, as most people think. Women decided this election. Gov. Mitt Romney as president would have the ability to place at least two nominations to the Supreme Court as two current justices are old and one is fighting cancer. The addition of two pro-life justices would be enough to threaten or reverse Roe v. Wade. That’s why the women’s vote decided this election more than the economy.

Having watched the two candidates for the 10th Congressional District, how disappointing these two candidates are. The two candidates were not knowledgeable on the issues facing people today. Both candidates are obsolete, showing their age, living in the past. I am surprised that someone in the audience didn’t give both of the candidates Geritol and some Bengay.

It’s surprising that anyone would have written a letter asking voters to support either candidate, because they couldn’t provide any answers to the questions.

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