Christie and Obama: Character in a crisis

TumwaterNovember 7, 2012 

I admit no great fondness for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. I disagree with his prior assessments of Barack Obama, his position on teachers unions, etc. Despite this I feel compelled to voice my admiration for his recent action while fighting for the citizens of New Jersey.

Christie expressed reasonable gratitude for the president’s cooperation and support in his fight to help New Jersey. Normally, such actions, between a president and a governor, would be encouraging but not remarkable. Many, rightly, expect effective cooperation from our chosen elected officials.

But, because of the partisanship and rancor present today, we cannot always count on functional, effective cross-party work.

Therefore, I was truly inspired to see Christie, focused and driven to serve the needs of his constituents, refusing, in spite of prompting by Fox News anchors, to indulge in politicizing the issue. Instead, he rebuked the attempt, returning the subject to the needs of his state and reiterating praise for the president’s support and lack of political opportunism on the issue.

Instead of casting down a man they otherwise praise, the right should be pointing to his actions as those of a truly selfless leader. As a proud, Democratic-leaning citizen, I praise his actions as representing not just his base but all of his constituents.

Bravo, Christie and Obama, though I don’t always agree with either of you, I am proud to live in a country that is yet capable of producing leaders of your caliber and strength of character.

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