Letter full of wrong facts and nonsense

OlympiaNovember 9, 2012 

This is my first letter to The Olympian although I have come close several times previously. Bernice Van Mechelen’s letter of Nov. 2 is so wildly off the path of reality and full of total ignorance that I had to correct her misrepresentations.

No auto company is moving out of the USA to China. The article on Page A6 of the Nov. 2 edition of The Olympian explains the “car” issue fully. Well done.

Wall Street bankers have more restrictions under Barack Obama than any previous president.

Health care has never been better in this country. Approximately 37 million Americans that did not have health care insurance do, including 3 million children. I am so-called “elderly” and I have had zero problem getting any doctor I need.

Iraq was a huge question mark when Obama followed through on his promise to leave Iraq.

Only Obama was successful at relentlessly pursuing Osama bin Laden and making the unilateral decision to “do it.” If it was so easy why didn’t George W. Bush do it? He had plenty of time.

Everything you stated sounds like Gov. Flip Flop wrote it. Simply nonsense. Do some research.

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