Are frequent police shootings necessary?

OlympiaNovember 9, 2012 

I get very angry when I read about another unnecessary shooting by a cop, as in the case of the Littlerock man who tried to rob a store.

He did not have a weapon when the police came to his home. He had a pool cue, and hit one of the officers with it, but another officer shot him dead anyway. If the cop thought he needed to shoot him, why not just injure him so he couldn’t hurt anyone else?

My brother-in-law, Dave Mack, was shot by the Tenino police in Littlerock on Aug. 15, though he did have a weapon and wouldn’t put it down. They could have just injured him. He didn’t want to shoot anyone, he wouldn’t even kill a spider or a fly in his house. He was extremely distraught about his wife dying from cancer and stayed awake for six months so she wouldn’t die alone.

He knew he wasn’t himself and he needed help. He could have been hospitalized instead of killed. He was a cop himself and could have killed anyone, but he had a BB gun, shooting at cars and the school. He did not have a rifle.

We have been hearing of cases all over about cops shooting unnecessarily. I understand the police fear for their own lives, but sometimes common sense needs to be used.

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