Big Apple marathon properly called off

CamasNovember 9, 2012 

It is astonishing that organizers of the New York Marathon were so idiotically tactless as to think they could get away with holding their race while large sections of the Big Apple remained in a state of Hurricane Sandy-induced helplessness.

Couldn’t these folks get it through their skulls that the city’s emergency personnel have much higher priorities at the moment than safeguarding a bunch of track and field junkies?

Hard-core devotees of athletics oftentimes become so zealously dedicated to their various sports that they take leave of simple common sense. The blinders they wear prevent them from realizing just how miserably misguided their fun and games truly seem to non-participants.

The race was finally called off after a sufficient number of New Yorkers complained about it in the bitterest terms, and that certainly is as it should be.

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