Only one candidate promised less war

OlympiaNovember 9, 2012 

When the 2012 Canoe Journey landed in Olympia, a police drone flew overhead. It was there to help the patrol boats maintain safe conditions.

Since 2004, however, American military drones have patrolled neighborhoods in other nations, where they have killed hundreds of civilians, many of them children. The abuse of drone technology began under George W. Bush, accelerated under Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney promised more of the same if he was elected.

I am not a Christian, but I thought America was a Christian nation. America has been at war with somebody for more than 50 years. Is this what Christianity is all about, killing and waging war? I think we can do better.

The only Republican candidate who promised to end the wars and bring home the troops was Ron Paul. But the Romney Machine and establishment Republicans rejected his message of peace, prosperity and liberty.

The only candidate on the ballots of almost all of the states who promises to end the wars was Gary Johnson.

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