Put politics on do-not-call list

SheltonNovember 10, 2012 

Whatever happen to the do-not-call list – those intrusive calls from vendors/manufacturers trying to sell me something I don’t want nor need?

The past month I have received no less than 20 calls a day from political herds telling me who I should vote for or how I should vote on the referendums. The calls from politicians are no different than the vendor calls – they’re both trying to sell me something.

All I can say for the calls is that not one of those people got my vote, nor the referendums, voting for their stance. We have watched it all on TV, heard it all on the radio, read it all in the newspapers and, yes, gotten phone calls as well.

There is apparently no respect for the people because they seem to think the common people are so stupid we can’t make up our own minds without their help.

I think the new governor should put a stop to this nonsense.

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