As Coverdale shows, no seat belts at RSE

RainierNovember 12, 2012 

Virginia. Coverdale appears to have fallen victim to the hungry agenda of Republican politics. The outrage of the Freedom Foundation over Knight’s contributions to the Democratic Party should be followed up with a full disclosure of ALEC, who is hiding their funding inside organizations such as the Freedom Foundation.

Everyone who has put their hat in the ring deserves our respect. All human beings are vulnerable to bias, corruption and partisan beliefs. Who can legitimately cast the first stone?

RSE is not a religious nonprofit organization, as are churches that can not legally support political candidates or policies as an organization because of the 501(c)3 status.

Ramtha does not comment on hypocritical conditions (pedophile priests) to become famous, nor does he try to convince anyone of any belief system. Every student is self-chosen, just as every Christian, Muslim, Jesuit or Buddhist is self-chosen.

There are no “seat belts” at RSE, as Coverdale demonstrates. People are free to come and go, take what they want or consume nothing.

As a student, I have learned about my mind and how it affects every aspect of my experience. I have learned human history, all philosophies of religion, neuroscience, physiological biology, quantum and classical physics. No other institution offers such an array of understanding.

It takes guts to engage the political arena of the 21st century. Who has done their homework and cultivated the vision to take us forward? That’s the leadership that can engender hope for a better day.