Republicans are the champions of freedom

OlympiaNovember 13, 2012 

The student left of the 1960s wanted nothing to do with government, sought out free-everything communes, and berated “big brother.” They preached “tune in, turn on and drop out” and then organized open curriculum schools such as The Evergreen State College.

They didn’t hate Richard M. Nixon because he was a Republican, they hated him because he was in charge. They hated Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson just as much despite his welfare and civil rights legislation. He was in charge.

The student left of the ’60s railed against social standards, sexual standards and legal standards. They hated being told what to do and burned their draft cards to prove it.

Today’s student thinks he/she is heir to that idea, but their champions are actually their natural enemies. Starting with Obamacare and working down through public transportation and Bloomberg’s ban on large soft drinks, the Democrats are telling us what to do.

Obama said his energy policies would “necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket” as a means to force us off coal and oil. His tax plans are punitive to force people to act his way. If you don’t join a union in his world you may not get a job. Obama’s administration is like your mother policing a fraternity party; safe but smothering.

The real champions of personal freedom are Republicans who advocate the free market principles that pioneered this country.

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