Can we all just get back to work now?

OlympiaNovember 13, 2012 

The voters have spoken, and have resoundingly rejected Romney’s version of capitalism on steroids and accelerated ecological suicide, opting instead for Obama’s slower but just as certain plunge over the cliff.

After $3 billion in campaign spending we are left with Republican zealots still in control of the House, spineless Democrats still in control of the Senate, and a nice guy with the wrong agenda for the future still in the White House.

Alternative voices from both the left and right were shut out of the debates and the electoral process; Democrats and Republicans always seem to find common ground when it comes to limiting democracy and protecting their corporate benefactors from criticism.

Washington voters upheld same-sex marriage and decriminalized marijuana – at least until the inevitable push-back from the feds – and supported another Eyman tax boondoggle that will ensure continued gridlock in Olympia and further degradation of the quality of life statewide.

Thurston County voters rejected a tea party takeover of county government and voted to continue buying expensive, dirty electricity from a multinational corporation.

In the end, perhaps, the best thing that can be said about the election is that the distraction is over for a couple of years. Now, can we all get back to doing the far more important work of building a sustainable and resilient local community that will buffer us against the economic and ecological chaos that inevitably await the citizens of a fading empire on a climate ravaged planet?

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