This generation is too self-indulgent

TumwaterNovember 14, 2012 

That famous news anchor, reporter and author Tom Brokaw wrote a book called “The Greatest Generation.” It was primarily about the sacrifices of the American generation that went through the four dark years of World War II. Yes, it was an enormous time of hardship pain, suffering and giving one’s all to their country. I may have some disagreement with Brokaw, however. I think the generation of Americans that fought against overwhelming odds to free the nation from British tyranny in the dark days of 1776 should be considered for that title. They risked their lives to free this country. Failure meant death by hanging. This generation would be totally incapable of making the sacrifices that those earlier generations did.

We no longer have a unified population. There is no longer common traditional or social “cement” that binds us together. We have morphed into groups of noncohesive whiners and cry babies. We demand our entitlements and vote for those politicians who guarantee their continuance. Duties to our nation mean nothing to us. The nation owes us instead. It is just a large disbursement office we get the money earned by others. We owe the nation nothing in return. If we don’t like the laws of the country we complain, demonstrate and harass until we get them changed to our liking – as in corrupt, ungovernable society. As the Old Testament relates – “They did what was right in their own eyes.” Let people come to their own conclusions. I’ve come to mine.

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