Taxed enough already, favors same-sex marriage

TumwaterNovember 17, 2012 

Martin Kimmeldorf must have a family member or friend at The Olympian since every vitriolic letter he submits is printed. For everyone who embraces his poisonous rants let me expand your tiny minds.

I am a conservative. I volunteer. I donate. I recycle. I walk for causes. I put two kids through college. I voted for same-sex marriage. I am not a racist. I have black friends. Good ones, too.

I support the tea party because I believe what their initials stand for: I am Taxed Enough Already. I believe in a hand up but not a lifelong handout. I do not think that takers should outnumber givers.

The petty are name-callers because they are absent sustainable facts. The narrow-minded focus on blaming someone else and not taking responsibility.

And, finally, the weak resort to lies because the truth has been re-purposed into self-serving arrogance and empty symbolism. It’s a wasteful shame to only require crumbs of your elected officials.

They are eager to live up to your expectations while they re-distribute the remaining loaf to those who have never even been in the kitchen.

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