People do feel entitled, but are not freeloaders

OlympiaNovember 17, 2012 

I have been listing to the pundits and reading the editorials speculating why Mitt Romney lost the election. In my opinion, it was the votes of the 47 percent that Romney so scornfully dismissed as freeloaders who only thought they were entitled to something.

These are the young people who see guaranteed student loans and grants falling, while tuition is going up. These are the service workers who earn minimum wage at franchises with no benefits.

These are the families who cannot afford the cost of medical care and medical insurance. Their family doctor is the emergency room because they cannot afford preventive medicine. These are the families who are lucky enough to have decent jobs, but can only make it with two working parents. They are concerned with finding affordable, safe and caring day care for their children.

These are the workers who lost jobs due to outsourcing, and prayed the Congress would not block extensions of unemployment benefits. These are the senior citizens who saved all their working lives to provide for a comfortable old age just to see their savings wiped out in the stock market crash. Now, they are hearing about cuts to Social Security and Medicare, the only income and health care they now have.

Yes, these people feel entitled. They feel they are entitled to family-wage jobs, affordable medical care, good schools, safe streets, a comfortable old age, clean air and water. Isn’t that what everyone deserves?

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