Comfort is achieved with tested attitudes

TumwaterNovember 18, 2012 

A GOP strategist, writing about the Republican election loss, wrote the following: “The party base is too narrow, confined largely to older white voters with outdated attitudes on social issues.” I’m 85 years old and that description certainly applies to me. I do not believe in same-sex marriage or unlimited abortions or the government paying for them. I do not believe in bigger government that invites more cost and fraud. Many programs could be handled more efficiently by the states. Remember “state rights”? I don’t smoke pot, nor would I wear a tank top to a restaurant. I would not use four-letter obscenities that are now so common on TV and in the movies.

I do not believe in socialism. In the early history of our country it was tried in many towns and failed. (Take a look at France and Greece today.) I do not believe in “right laws” to anybody or groups. We have the world’s best Constitution that gives us equal rights. I do not believe in “earmarks” or executive orders that should be legislated by Congress. This is a short list but is long enough to confirm that, yes, I’m an old codger with outdated social attitudes. The good thing is that I am comfortable with my outdated attitudes.

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