Troops defend our right to dissent

Joint Base Lewis-McChordNovember 22, 2012 

In regard to Terrence Zander’s letter to the editor on Nov. 15, I think he misses the point of the Support our Troops movement. It has nothing to do with whether or not a person agrees with the government, or the mission/operation that we send the military into. It is about giving support to those in uniform that are sent to these places to do the job. Quite honestly, the people serving in uniform are not 100 percent in agreement with the government on things.

Just like everywhere else, there are conservatives, liberals, and libertarians. There are even some conspiracy theory nuts as well. Some disagree with policy and legislation just like Zander does. But if he really wants an answer to his question, consider this. So long as we have those in uniform that are sworn to protect and defend our Constitution, he will continue to have the ability to write letters of dissent to this publication and not worry about being arrested for it.

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