Olympia adds recycling bins to cut trash flow

mbatcheldor@theolympian.comNovember 23, 2012 

People who might be tempted to trash that recyclable bottle, can or newspaper have new options in downtown Olympia.

City workers braved a rainstorm Monday to install public recycling bins at six locations:

 • Fourth Avenue and Cherry Street (in front of City Hall)

 • Washington Street and State Avenue (in front of the Olympia Transit Center)

 • Fourth Avenue and Capitol Way

 • Fourth Avenue and Franklin Street

 • Fifth Avenue and Capitol Way

 • Fifth Avenue and Washington Street (in front of Wind Up Here Toys)

The blue bins, which cost about $8,500, are the city’s first, said Spencer Orman, a senior program specialist with the city’s Waste Resources department.

“They’re very sturdy,” he said. “They’re heavy. They’re made for being outside in the elements and not rolling or blowing away.”

According to a news release, the city’s downtown ambassador employees will monitor the containers and collect and sort the recycling weekly.

Orman said the city was prompted by interest from businesses and visitors, including the Olympia Downtown Association. The city did a trash survey and found probably one-quarter of the trash was cans, plastic bottles, glass beverage containers and newspapers, Orman said.

“It’s as much to be able to give the public the opportunity to recycle and divert those materials … as it is to be emphasize our overall strategy of waste reduction, waste diversion,” he said.

Orman said the bins are intended for the public and not business recycling.

He said the city would see how the six containers work. If the program is successful, more bins could be added after the end of next year.

Matt Batcheldor: 360-704-6869 mbatcheldor@theolympian.com @MattBatcheldor

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